Enzyme-like nanoparticles for preventing lipid oxidation: implications for increasing asphalt lifetime

In Ontario, 95% of its paved roads in the province are paved with asphalt or asphalt surface treated. Due to severe weather conditions, the lifetime of asphalt roads is relatively short and regular maintenance is required. The annual cost of maintenance is estimated to be around 2.14 billion dollars. This project aims to explore nanotechnology to increase the lifetime of asphalt roads by exploring nanomaterials with anti-oxidation activities. Liposomes will be used as a model system for the initial studies and asphalt doped liposomes and finally asphalt will be tested. The partner organization will benefit from this project by learning the effect of some representative nanomaterials for asphalt improvement, which has an enormous potential economic benefit.

Faculty Supervisor:

Juewen Liu


Yuzhe Ding


Gryfund Capital




Finance, insurance and business


University of Waterloo



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