Ergonomic Design of an Automotive Material Sequencing Centre – Year two

The Ford Motor Company is bringing 800 jobs into the Oakville Assembly Plant. These jobs will be concerned with sequencing parts for the new Material Sequencing Centre. To ensure that workers remain healthy, and their
productivity and quality output is up to Ford’s high standards, Ford (through this fellowship) wants to establish clear ergonomic guidelines for this type of work. The post-doctoral fellow will conduct surveys in the plant, as well as review existing ergonomic guidelines within Ford. The main focus of this Elevate award is to develop new guidelines as necessary for the work in the MSC, and to base these standards off of current research, or research to be conducted during the duration of this award. The priority is to include strong theory and research to make these guidelines, as they will be used across all Ford platforms around the world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Keir


Michael Sonne


Ford Motor Company




Advanced manufacturing


McMaster University



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