Esdilagh Development Corporation Business Action Plan Research and Development

Esdilagh Development Corporation (EDC) business Interns to perform business development research to inform the composition of business plans to ensure we have professional business guidance tools to assist EDC in engaging in business sectors as identified in the Esdilagh Economic Development Plan and Investment Profile completed in 2011. Project goals are to produce professional quality Business Plans for:

1. Aggregate Business, Business Plan
2. Gas Station and Convenience Store Business Plan
3. Agriculture Business Plan
4. Forestry Business Plan
5. EDC Business Plan
6. Mineral Resource Company and Oil and Gas Company Business Plan

Esdilagh Devleopment Corporation is owned by a ?Esdilagh First Nation who have land holdings and significant opportunities to engage in the natural resource sectors as well as manufacturing and services sectors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Mark Selman & Brent Mainprize


Tamara Goddard, Cal Albright & Corey Rich


Esdilagh Development Corporation




Finance, insurance and business


University of Victoria



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