Establishing Anxiety Detection Algorithm using Smart Wearables

Snug Vest is a wearable jacket that reduces anxiety using Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT). Snug Vest can be improvised by automating the therapy as the person wearing the vest gets anxious. In the current research, we aim to develop an anxiety detecting algorithm to calculate the real-time anxiety value using different bio data obtained from wearable sensors. The anxiety value calculated will automate the therapy of the vest. The software will also enable the person wearing the jacket to manually control the therapy, and is responsible for cloud storage of anxiety value. The anxiety level calculated in real-time will be visualized. Using the anxiety detection algorithm and cloud for data storage, the partner organization will improve their current product, Snug Vest. The intern is benefitted by gaining industry experience on wearables.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alissa Antle


Srilekha Kirshnamachari Sridharan


Wearable Therapeutics Inc.



Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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