Establishing Physiological Norms for Brain Activity using Portable Electroencephalography

There is much about the brain we still do not understand. But, one fundamental way to understand how the brain works is to know normal range of activity. For example, how does your physician know that you have normal blood pressure? Similarly, why did the medical community choose “120 over 80”? The way we do that is to collect information from as many individuals as possible – thousands upon thousands! When you collect information from many people, scientists are able to paint a very clear picture of how blood pressure (or any variable of interest) varies across many people. Amazingly (and unfortunately) we cannot say the same about brain activity. By using the MUSE device, that you can buy from any electronics retailer, we can begin that process of collecting information about brain activity. Therefore, we will define physiological norms and how you, as an individual, compare to the population average.

Faculty Supervisor:

Olave Krigolson


Francisco Colino



Physics / Astronomy


Life sciences


University of Victoria



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