Establishment of bovine embryonic cells derived from blastocyst for producing high quality cloned embryo

Nuclear transfer is a technique to clone animals of the same trait and it is industrially very valuable to clone animals of excellent traits. However, there is no standardized technology to secure, store and supply enough quantities of superior genetics to clone elite farm animals so it has limitation to use in industry field. Although various studies have been conducted and reported in humans and murines, many studies have not yet been conducted on farm animals. Therefore, we will conduct an overall optimization study on securing superior genetics such as cell establishment methods, low-genetic mutation culture protocols and cryopreservation methods. And we will produce cloned animals using genetics from optimized systems. This will result in improved efficiency of cloned animal production through optimization of genetics securing technology and preservation technology, which will lead to subsequent research and industrial technology development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lawrence C Smith


Si-Jung Jang







Université de Montréal



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