Estimating Battery Key Performance Indicators and Forecasting Battery State-of-Health Using Machine Learning and Neural Networks Techniques

SOTI Inc. is a Canadian company providing control and management for mobile devices. Insight Agent is a product made by SOTI to help collect various battery specifications such as battery level, voltage, current and other metrics from mobile devices. This research project aims to use a machine learning and neural networks framework to predict the state-of-health for batteries in mobile devices. The intern will use the metrics collected by SOTI Insight Agent to derive formulas to calculate the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the battery system. Using the KPIs, the intern will explore all the feasible machine machine and neural networks algorithms to obtain a better understanding and prediction of batteries’ health conditions. This will help the Canadian customers minimize cost of device maintenance, as well as total cost of ownership while ensuring a minimal impact and loss to business productivity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Murat Erdogdu


Feixiong Zhang




Computer science


Information and cultural industries


University of Toronto



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