Estimation of Production Cost for Chicken Broiler Producers in Saskatchewan

The objective of this research is to estimate the total production cost and its components for chicken producers in Saskatchewan, with different technologies and size, using a survey analysis. The results of this research are expected to provide a ranking on efficiency of different technologies and scales of production (efficiency in terms of both total production cost as well as the cost of different factors like feed, medicine…). Thus, the results can indicate to what extent the chicken broiler industry in Saskatchewan is profitable and economically efficient. By collecting detailed information, this research also provides a statistical basis for the economic study of the chicken industry like evaluating the effects of agricultural policies or negotiations for price determination. To reach the goal, a survey in conducted by means of a direct interview with producers to fill a questionnaire designed for this purpose. All farm-level aspects of fixed and variable costs of production are examined in this survey. Specifically, this questionnaire provides three categories of information: Flock Profile, Operation Costs and Fixed Costs. Finally, the collected data are used to calculate the total production cost for producers with different production facilities and scales. A summary and discussion of the results is also provided.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bill Brown


Mohammed Shakeri


Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Broiler Hatching Egg






University of Saskatchewan



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