Evaluating the impact of the BC Dairy Association Food Explorers program on willingness to try new foods in children

Eating a variety of foods from the four food groups is part of a healthy diet and is important for supporting the growth and development of children. Avoidance of new foods (neophobia) and familiar foods (pickiness) are common in children and limit food quantity and quality. The BC Dairy Association developed the Food Explorers program that introduces new and familiar foods to children in kindergarten and grade 1 classrooms. The goal is to increase the willingness to try new foods and ultimately positively impact diet. The program is widely delivered in BC but has not been evaluated. The researchers will determine the effectiveness of the program as well as the strengths and weaknesses. The findings will be vital for the partner to optimize the program and increase the number of classrooms that participate in the program.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rachel Murphy


Gayathri Murthy


British Columbia Dairy Association


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Medical devices


University of British Columbia



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