Evaluating the imPROVE LEAN Program at Provincial Health Services Authority


This research project will examine the imPROVE program at Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA). The imPROVE program is a large scale initiative designed to ensure or improve the quality and efficiency of health service delivery using LEAN methodology. This research will investigate several components of interest as identified by key stakeholders, which will provide decision makers with sound research evidence pertaining to the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the imPROVE program, which in turn, can be used to plan future directions of the initiative.  The purpose of this study, then, is to embark upon a research program of sufficient rigor to produce scientific reports that will reveal information about several aspects of the imPROVE program—information that will withstand the scrutiny of peer-reviewed critiques such that results can be relied upon as a sound foundation for decision making. Thus, this study aims for innovation in the field of Health Science literature, and represents a collaborative effort between academic institutions and decision makers in an applied setting.  In addition to providing direct benefit for the field of Health Science literature, this project will benefit PHSA’s future determination of imPROVE. Despite extensive information about the general impact of Lean in literature, little data exists regarding cost-benefit evaluation, particularly for healthcare. PHSA needs to conduct such an evaluation to determine it has achieved net value for the resources invested. The resulting evaluation framework may also be transferable to other health authorities. As a health authority, PHSA has limited funds available for evaluation and the Mitacs grant is required to support this needed activity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jalil Safaei


James Chan


Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Life sciences


University of Northern British Columbia



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