Evaluating the Quality of Special Olympics Canada’s Active Start and FUNdamentals Programs

The proposed research project aims to better enable positive sport experiences for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities by improving the quality of sports programs offered. In order to accomplish this objective, the study will evaluate the quality of two sport programs – Active Start and FUNdamentals – within the largest intellectual and developmental disability sport organization in Canada, Special Olympics. To provide an extensive program assessment the project will incorporate perspectives from athletes, caregivers, program providers, leaders within the organization and researchers to determine gaps and areas of improvement. Furthermore, this study will not only be beneficial Special Olympics Canada by offering evidence-informed program changes but disability sport organizations in general as it can be used as a tool to guide effective program evaluation and implementation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amy Latimer;Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos


Natasha Bruno


Special Olympics Canada




Arts, entertainment and recreation




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