Evaluation and Identification of Gaps and Technical Challenges in Candidate Carbon Capture/CO2 Conversion Technologies

In the wake of the Paris meeting on global climate change in December of 2015 (COP21), commitments to drive down greenhouse gas emissions have escalated around the world. Man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are accepted as the largest contributor to climate change. Promising next-generation technologies for decreasing CO2 emissions are being investigated at the lab scale. Unfortunately, the technology developers often lack next-step projects and connections with industrial end-users to allow the technology to advance and become commercialized. CMC is committed to accelerating innovations associated with industrial greenhouse gas emissions. The overall approach is to focus on rapid and cost-effective reduction of uncertainties to enable earlier decision making. This project will focus on working with technology developers to identify critical limiting uncertainties and develop pathways to address them, including through integration, adaptation, application development, pilot testing, and scale-up projects.

Faculty Supervisor:

George Shimizu


Roger Mah


Carbon Management Canada






University of Calgary



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