Evaluation of appearance, corrosion properties and leach resistance of modified micronized copper preservative treated wood

Recently introduced micronized copper wood preservative system has successfully captured most of the treated wood market in the USA; however, it cannot be acceptable in Canada because the wood surface is mottled and streaky in appearance when it is applied to Canadian wood species (spruce-pine fir). This problem may be solved by partially solubilizing copper with MEA to provide an even color to wood surface. If this modification does not compromise the excellent Cu leach resistance, corrosion resistance and expected mould resistance of the micronized copper system, the partner organization will be able to get this improved treatment accepted in the Canadian market. The intern will evaluate the modified system focusing on optimizing the formulation to address the above issues over a four month research period. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Paul Cooper


Myung Jae Lee


Timber Specialties Co.






University of Toronto



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