Evaluation of light emitting diode arrays for shipping container plant factories

Controlled plant factories are closed and insulated environments that can be automated and artificially illuminated. They may be built in recycled shipping containers that are mobile, carrying enormous potential for food crop production and addressing food security in remote areas. However, lighting technologies and light positioning in these factories has not been optimized for different plant species. Our objective is to improve lighting and plant production practices in small plant factories. This research will explore how lighting systems and light positioning (overhead or side illumination), can affect plant growth. LEDs will be compared with high-pressure sodium and fluorescent lighting. This research will add to our knowledge of how plant growth is affected by specific light wavelengths and orientation. It will also contribute to system designs that improve biomass production and that will be completely automated in the future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Lefsrud


Kyle Lucherini



Engineering - other






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