Evaluation of microbolometer-based imager for wildfire radiometric imaging

Monitoring of wildland fires through infra-red remote sensing has become increasing of interest to the wildland fire management community, and quality scientific analysis of the capabilities of such sensors is critical if they are to be used in any operational way. In 2019 a joint burning experiment was carried out over several days. In 2019 a collaboration between the Canadian Forest Service, Institut national d’optique (INO), and the University of Toronto saw the ignition and monitoring of a series of experimental fires in the field at a CFS field research station. During these experiments, a series fires were observed using conventional cooled infrared imagers alongside a novel imager built by INO. This study conducts spatial and temporal analysis of coincident infrared data to assess the performance of the INO system for the application of wildfire imaging and radiometry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mike Wotton;Josh Johnston


Melanie Wheatley


Institut National d’Optique


Architecture and design



University of Toronto



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