Evaluation of novel approaches to improve the medical information consumption experience for physicians

Patients expect doctors to provide them with the best available care, but it can be overwhelming for doctors to stay current on an enormous amount of new medical information. The medical staff of pharmaceutical companies create educational resources that are uniquely useful but not often used by doctors. These resources are valuable because they summarize relevant research papers for specific topics regarding the uses of companies’ medicines and keep them up to date. Doctalk is a Toronto-based technology company developing an application to connect doctors to these educational resources and with the goal of making the use of these resources more meaningful and practical. First, this project will uncover the reasons why doctors are not using these resources. Second, using this understanding, we will propose improvements for the application using standard technologies. Finally, we will test a few cutting-edge technologies being used in other fields to see if the learning experience for doctors can be improved even more.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ebrahim Bagheri


Brooke Acton


Doctalk Inc


Engineering - biomedical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Ryerson University


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