Evaluation of the accuracy of the in-situ individual particle sizing technology

The research objectives are to better understand the limitations of a new particle sizing system in terms of accuracy on particle size, of accuracy on size distribution, of accuracy on particle concentration and finally of size dynamic range. During the research project, the sources of the limitations will be identified and improvements to the technology will be proposed. State-of-the-art equipment for the generation of particles with known sizes and concentrations available at the University of Alberta will be used for the characterization of the technology. Improvements to the mathematical model and on the way to resolve the inverse problem to retrieve particle size will be done in collaboration with researchers at INO. The outcome of the project will be a well characterized particle sizing technology ready to be transferred to the industry for commercialization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jason Olfert


Nafiseh Sang-Nourpour


Institut national d'optique


Engineering - mechanical


Environmental industry




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