Evaluation of the Ever Active Schools Physical Literacy Project

SHAPE will work alongside an initiative called Ever Active Schools, who is involved with promoting and supporting healthy and active school communities through a comprehensive school approach. One of the projects SHAPE and Ever Active Schools is working on is a professional mentoring opportunity named Physical Literacy in Residence that is being implemented in 72 in-need primary and secondary schools across Alberta. The proposed study is an evaluation of this Physical Literacy in Residence project. The research will be coordinated by an intern and will involve interviewing the teachers and evaluating survey results. The data collection will occur from September to April of the 2017/2018 school year. After the research is concluded, the findings will be published in an academic journal. The results will also be reported to SHAPE/ Ever Active Schools and the funder of the project, Jumpstart.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Spence


Brendan Wohlers


Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere


Physics / Astronomy






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