Evaluation of value-added lignin-based bioproducts for commercial applications

During the production of pulp, in the pulp and paper manufacturing process, one component of the tree is extracted into the pulping liquid. This component, called lignin, has potential value as an important renewable material for adhesives, fibre, and coatings. The proposed research has the focus on evaluating the pulping liquid for all of its components and transforming the lignin material into prototype materials for forest industries in British Columbia. Namely, lignin will be converted into 1) nonwoven fibre for the production of filtration media, suitable for personal protection equipment, and 2) a key ingredient in polyurethane foams, a key material in rigid building insulation foams. Key to the proposed materials is developing proper formulations for the insulation foams with the industrial lignins along with moving the lab scale spinning to the next production scale to derisk the technology. We hope to substitute fossil based chemicals using these renewable materials in potential new markets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Scott Renneckar;Shawn Mansfield


Adil Mazar;MiJung Cho;Soo-Kyeong Jang


West Fraser Mills Ltd.






University of British Columbia



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