Evaluation of Visual Analytics Requirements Gathering Methods

The goal of this research is to define an information acquisition strategy for use in the definition and development of visual analytics (VA) tools relevant to the domain of interest. The strategy will account for task and job requirements gathering and incorporate a wealth of human factors issues known to be important in critical system design, e.g., workload, situation awareness, automation, etc. Another goal is to provide valid information for the design of laboratory and field studies using existing or new VA tools or components as the study apparatus. The methods developed for information and requirements gathering are to be evaluated in the context of a Boeing visual analytics project focused on the analysis of vast amounts of maintenance and safety data about Boeing aircraft. Methods will be evaluated by AeroInfo/Boeing analysts in order to gather user and system feedback that can be mapped to the design and development of visual analysis tools, techniques and systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

M. John Dill


David Darvill


AeroInfo Systems - A Boeing Company


Interactive arts and technology


Aerospace and defense


Simon Fraser University



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