Evidence-informed Planning and Evaluation of Community Transitions: Impact on Health and Quality of Life (Phase II)

Many of St.Amant’s services are shifting to provide the most inclusive, supportive, community-based services with the intention of enhancing health, accessing to healthcare, and improving the quality of life of persons supported and that of their families and caregivers. As part of its vision statement, St.Amant is supporting a number of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout their move from St.Amant Health and Transition Services to a variety of community-based residences. Our research team is conducting a longitudinal evaluation study to assess the process of community transitions as well as the impact that these community transitions have had on the health and quality of life of people who were transitioned. This is Phase II of the study, which involves conducting two annual post-transition follow-up assessments so that the longer-term impact of the community transitions on the health and quality of life of the transitioned persons with disability could be better understood.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahin Shooshtari


Margherita Cameranesi;Katherine Chimney


St. Amant Foundation


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Health care and social assistance


University of Manitoba



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