Evidence Integration and value of information

Decision makers responsible for managing public and population health risks are increasingly faced with challenges in integrating information from multiple sources to support evidence-based risk decision making. To meet these challenges, a new framework for evidence integration will be developed to provide guidance on how best to synthesize information from all relevant sources to support the best possible risk decisions. This framework will also provide guidance on the use of big data in evidence integration. New techniques for determining the value of information that could be generated to fill critical data gaps will also be developed. The practicality of the evidence integration framework and methods will be evaluated using a series of case studies. The results of this research will be of value to the partner organization by providing cutting methodologies in risk science that will be of great value to both its domestic and international clients in meeting their needs for evidence integration to support evidence-based risk management decisions in public and population health.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patrick Farrell;Paul Villeneuve


Nawal Farhat;Mohamed Taher;Shintaro Hagiwara


Risk Sciences International


Statistics / Actuarial sciences



Carleton University


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