Evolved Radio Access for Wireless Cellular Communication Systems – Year Two

The continuously increasing demand for wireless access, driven by the increasing requirements of our connected society, is pushing current wireless cellular communication systems to the limits of their capacity. The objective of this project is to continue the successful collaboration with our industry partner (Telus Corporation) to further contribute to the evolution of current generation wireless cellular communication systems (4G LTE) along with the development of next generation wireless cellular communication systems (5G) to meet current and future requirements of our connected society. Specifically, focus will be centered on the Radio Access Network (RAN) portion of the system to improve all aspects of radio access, i.e. how mobile users are connected, such that current and future performance, reliability and efficiency requirements of radio access in wireless cellular communication systems are met.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elvino Sousa


Ahmed Alsohaily




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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