Examination of key nutrition, health, environmental, and welfare issues in swine to improve sustainability and societal acceptance of pork production

In order to remain competitive, pig producers must continually evolve to address current and emerging challenges to the Canadian swine industry. The Prairie Swine Centre has developed a multidisciplinary research program aimed at addressing key issues within the swine industry related to environment, society, safety, and sustainability. The main research projects included in this proposed program include: 1) establishment of processing conditions required to optimize the feeding value of wheat and barley for swine, 2) increasing value of environmental enrichment for sows, 3) determination of optimal density for nursery pigs, and 4) evaluation of the presence of airborne pathogens in swine facilities and development of effective air filtration to minimize the impact of these contaminants. The results of this program will have important implications for the swine industry and, since the research will be conducted under circumstances representing actual production environment and practices, it is anticipated that producer-members of the partner organization will be able to readily adapt knowledge gained from this program into current practices. Adaptation by these producers will further result in improvement of future research programs and lead to dissemination of knowledge to the entire Canadian and North American industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jennifer Brown


Khalil Sahtout


Gowans Feed Consulting


Animal science




University of Saskatchewan



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