Examining Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion Stakeholder Experiences in an Ontario Non-Profit Membership Association

The QCC is a membership association for those working in and retired from the public service sector in Ontario, and is eager to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within its organization and for its membership. To do that, QCC is partnering with a research intern who will gather and analyze information about QCC from documents, its staff, membership, and Board of Directors to determine what barriers and gaps QCC faces to increasing EDI within its organization. The research intern will use this information to create an action plan for the QCC that identifies and prioritizes the steps that QCC should follow to increase its commitment to EDI. To reduce bias in the EDI actions QCC takes, getting this input from an external party with expertise in the subject is extremely important. The QCC will benefit greatly from the insights of this research and the recommendations in the action plan to guide the direction of the organization’s future EDI efforts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yvonne Coady


Nadia Mallay


Quarter Century Club


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Victoria



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