Experimental and numerical analysis of heat transfer in CVD Coated Carbide Tools

Quantitative assessment of the thermal role and wear characteristics of multi-layer coatings in cutting tools is approached through the analysis of mechanical contact problem at the tool-chip interface and the constriction resistance phenomenon. The micro-contact configuration on the surface asperity level and the macro-contact configuration (contact pressure distribution and the size of the adhesion and sliding zones) are to be analyzed. The dependence of the workpiece rotational speed and size on the convective-radiant coefficient of heat transfer is to be determined. Using FE simulation, the correlation between the contact pressure and the thermal contact resistance of uncoated and multi-layer coated tools are to be established and validated. The effects of the composition of the coating material (α-Al2O3, Ti(C,N)), as well as its thickness, texture, crystal orientation and coating architecture are to be investigated. The thermal interaction and heat redistribution in the workpiece-chip-tool system is also to be examined.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Helmi Attia


Dr. Philip Mark Joseph


SECO Tools Canada Inc.


Engineering - mechanical



McGill University



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