Experimental and numerical investigation on force-based and performance-based seismic design of bridges

Bridge infrastructure constitutes a substantial portion of national wealth of Canada, whose performance during earthquake events has a significant impact on the public safety. This study focuses on investigating the force-based and performance-based seismic design of bridges specified in the latest version of Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code 2014. Both experimental and numerical studies will be conducted, and design guidelines will be recommended. The project will provide valuable insight into performance-based seismic design of bridges, which is helpful for its mass scale application in Canada. McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. is a renowned Canadian company for offering solutions to improving communities, transportation networks and resource industries, where particularly, it has gained rich practical experience in design and erection engineering of bridges. The collaboration will place McElhanney at the forefront of new technologies and development in infrastructure systems and enable it to become a world leader in advanced seismic design of bridges.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahria Alam


Nailiang Xiang


McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd


Engineering - other


Information and communications technologies




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