Exploration and Development of an Active Assisted Living Data Sharing Infrastructure Aimed at Supporting the Development of Standards, Guidelines, and Certification Programs

The Ubiquitous Health Technology Lab (UbiLab) will explore the development of a data integration framework and recommendation for associated standards that aims at combining data from (1) smart home systems, (2) AAL or IoT for health technology, (3) mHealth, and (4) wearables. Important areas of data management will be explored, as for example security and encryption (blockchain) and privacy and data access agreements. This initiative will provide the CSA Group with a roadmap of potential future standards to be developed in Canada and around the world to support the evolution of IoT for health and AAL technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Plinio Morita


Pedro Elkind Velmovitsky


Canadian Standards Association


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Medical devices


University of Waterloo



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