Exploration of Hybrid Bio-Nanocomposite Materials for Smart Textiles and Wearable Health Technology

Wearable technology is contributing to the movement toward seamless connectivity. In the health industry, applications of wearable technology, and functional ‘smart’ fabrics more generally, are improving lives every day. Merging biotechnology with nanomaterials science is one avenue along which scientists are pursuing advanced materials with enhanced functionalities. From anti-bacterial activity to protection from the sun, the next generation of ‘smart’ textiles will draw upon the synergistic combination of components such as enzymes, nanoparticles and synthetic chemical complexes. This research project is focused on exploring the properties of these hybrid materials, for applications such as anti-infection wound dressings and protective clothing for first-responders and for the general public. This collaboration will improve the performance of the industrial partner’s proof-of-concept material, and move to scaled-up prototyping. Over the long term, insights from this work could lead to new product innovation and an expanded range of applications for this class of materials.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stefania Impellizzeri;Andrew McWilliams


Gregory Hodgson


Biosa Technologies




Professional, scientific and technical services


Ryerson University


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