Exploring Differences and Similarities in the Geography Curriculum

The main objective of my research project is to compare the Canadian Geography curriculum with the Geography curriculum in China within grades 7 and 8. Over the course of 3 months I will be able to analyze the major topics covered by the Chinese geography teachers, explore the resources available to students and analyze how those resources are used to teach grades 7 and 8. This research project will be carried out through observations of classrooms in China. Note taking and journal writing will be the main method of gathering data. The observation of a geography classroom in China would be beneficial for me as a geography teacher since it will broaden my pedagogical horizons, acquire different teaching methods and extend my cultural knowledge. It will also help me develop an understanding of the Chinese culture, teaching psychology and philosophies that are held within the classrooms. Overall, my research will greatly assist in the development of becoming a better teacher within in Canada’s multicultural society.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shijing Xu


Victoria MacInnis






University of Windsor



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