Exploring the connection between design and computational thinking across industry and educational contexts

In today’s fast-paced, technologically-driven world, it is of paramount importance that we take advantage of different ways to solve problems, to generate the most efficient solutions. One way to accomplish this goal is to adopt different ways of thinking about how we solve problems. It may be of great value to base problem-solving that we teach in education using basics of design thinking and computer science, two existing disciplines. However, research has not yet assessed how these types of thinking may be related across different contexts, like education and industry. In this project, the intern will work with an academic expert and leading industry partner to develop and assess technology-enhanced educational materials. In doing so, the intern will gain experience collaborating with experts from education, business and robotics, and the industry partner will benefit from the intern’s research findings in developing curriculum-based educational materials.

Faculty Supervisor:

Julie Mueller


Eden Hennessey


InkSmith Ltd








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