Exploring the lived experience of survivors: The link between intimate partner violence (IPV) and traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Past research has established that a high percentage of women in violent relationships experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI), with one article estimating approximately 23 million women in the US living with a TBI from intimate partner violence (IPV) (Ivany & Schminkey, 2016). While previous research has focused on establishing the link between IPV and TBI, further research needs to be conducted into the experiences of these women. The present project seeks to do exactly that, through interviewing of 6-8 women from The Cridge Centre for the Family. From these interviews, the main objective of this project is to better inform frontline workers who work directly with these women, in order to more adequately equip them to serve the diverse needs of the women. As The Cridge Centre for the Family works directly with women who have experienced IPV, this immediately applicable knowledge is the anticipated benefit to the organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Erica Woodin


Chantele Joordens


Cridge Centre for the Family




Medical devices




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