Exploring usability of an app environment to deliver transformative professional development

Professional development (PD) refers to an individual’s growth throughout a professional life cycle. Generally, the intent of PD is to deepen understanding and improve practice within a standardized professional life cycle. Given the personalized nature of PD, program evaluations are frequently based on participants’ satisfaction rather than evidence of professional learning or change in practice. At the same time, online programs provide more convenient and flexible PD opportunities without geographical barriers. Some PD programs are meant to disrupt current practices and potentially introduce new standards to a professional life cycle. Many of these programs are delivered in a classroom where facilitators may observe evidence of professional learning or change in practice. This study explores how to design an app environment for a PD program only available in a traditional face-to-face delivery.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Crichton


Deb Carter


Canadian Mental Health Association




Life sciences


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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