Expressing Vibrancy Using Video-Based Systematic Social Observation Methods

Expressing Vibrancy is a yearlong project outlining an approach for measuring the cultural vibrancy of neighbourhoods. The proposed research seeks to develop methods for understanding and measuring the cultural vibrancy of neighbourhoods, using Hamilton, Ontario as a case study. Using innovative technologies (geo-referenced video), this project will analyze the relationship between measures of cultural vibrancy and human capital outcomes (education, health, etc) –key indicators of economic growth and prosperity.
This research represents a significant leap forward in the study of neighbourhood effects on child and youth development. The findings from this proposed research will play a role in gathering evidence for local and regional planning and infrastructure development, and support the City’s vision of “making Hamilton the best place to raise a child. The alignment of these local resources brings together the municipality, strong research focused non-profit partners, and the resources of the post-secondary community to focus on culturally driven research.
Faculty Supervisor:

James R. Dunn


Darren Cyr


Cobalt Connects


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Life sciences


McMaster University



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