Extracting Commonality within Network Data Streams

Alcatel-Lucent manufactures telecommunications equipment, ranging from telephone handsets to internet routers. The Research & Innovation group within Alcatel-Lucent is mandated with evaluating new technologies and new ideas that may benefit Alcatel products, thereby benefiting Alcatel-Lucent’s customers, and ultimately the end users. One current area of their research is the ability to identify similar groups of traffic by extracting features that are common to all streams within the group, so that similar types of traffic can be treated together, and to allocate resources suitable for the stream. This collaborative internship project focuses on the development of algorithms to extract the common elements of these traffic streams in high dimensional spaces, given the restricted computing power available for such features at the router level.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Shirley Mills


Katrina Rogers Stewart


Alcatel Canada Inc.




Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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