Feasibility and usability of ultrasound in aiding breast tumor detection

In this research we propose to carry out a feasibility study to identify an ultrasound transducer that can be used specifically for breast cancer tumor detection. This transducer will be interfaced with the available Ultrasonix Elastrography System at SFU. This will be the most significant part of the proposed research. It will include assimilation of the transducer with the ultrasound machine along with data capturing and analysis. Fast algorithms are necessary in this kind of imaging. Strains between frames are small, thus the sensitivity of the algorithms is also very important. The data capturing will be done using breast phantoms. The breast tissue phantoms and tumor phantoms will be developed with material which has elastic properties similar to breast tissue and tumors. A preliminary probe design will also be proposed after the assessment for the suitability of use of the probe to make it available to wider audience.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Carolyn Sparrey


Behzad Abdi




Engineering - other


Life sciences


Simon Fraser University



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