Feasibility of a pressure retarded osmosis process for Quebec electricity generation

Osmotic power or salinity gradient energy is one type of the renewable energies which is produced by mixing fresh water with salt water. This new environmental friendly energy based on the advantages such as carbon dioxide free and generating power continuously seems to be a good option in which to invest as it will be highly beneficial to Quebec. This project looks to develop expertise related to osmotic power. A pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) power test unit will be designed and installed in Quebec. This will be the first osmotic power system in North America. The project will consist of evaluation and selection of sites for potential pilot testing, determination of pretreatment and cleaning requirements for the membranes, and subsequent design of the test unit. This will provide hands on experience related to the design and operation of a PRO power system in Quebec and enable the evaluation of the viability of this technology for future development for the interns.

Faculty Supervisor:

Catherine Mulligan & Pragasen Pillay


Jonathan Maisonneuve, Elham Abbasi-Garravand & TBD




Engineering - civil




Concordia University



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