Feasibility of combining monolithically integrated silicon photonics with low cost, high performance, non-hermetic surface-mount technology (SMT) packaging

This project aims at experimentally validating the commercial viability of a new silicon photonics design which provides state of the art monolithic integration of various CMOS control electronics and BiCMOS high speed RF drive electronics which may be combined with high bandwidth non-hermetic SMT packages capable of withstanding standard high volume solder reflow processes. Combining these technologies and their commercialization will have a huge impact on the size and cost of optical communications equipment and serve as a stepping stone in developing technologies for use in future board-to-board and chip-to-chip optical communications in a wide array of industries such as communications, military, and super-computing. The aforementioned research activities will help support ADVA’s plan in new products development by exploring their commercialization feasibility.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Victor Plant


Heba Tamazin


ADVA Optical Networking


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


McGill University



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