Feasibility Study for Indigenous Women’s Second-stage Housing in Canada

The partner organization, the National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence (NACAFV), is conducting a Feasibility Study for constructing on-reserve second-stage housing. A section of the Study is on the technical aspects of this type of housing which is for women who wish to leave their homes permanently because of domestic violence. The design of the housing unit emphasizes safety and security because an ex-partner or ex-spouse may be stalking a woman—since one of the most dangerous times for women living in domestic violence is when they are leaving. The work entails the different building codes and standards for each province/territory and how they are interpreted onreserve; designing several options of what single units could look like, the main floor layout with an office (it will be staffed 24/7) and a larger meeting space for compulsory programming/services; and, security features both inside and outside the building (e.g., security cameras, fencing, fire escapes).

Faculty Supervisor:

Shirley Thompson;Shauna Mallory-Hill


Courtney Allary


National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence


Architecture and design


Construction and infrastructure


University of Manitoba



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