Feasibility Study of a Community Microgrid: Key Components, Control and Communications

This project involves the feasibility study of specific community microgrid technologies for the development of a Smart Community in London, Ontario by SE2 Technologies Inc. A first of its kind, such a community will represent a learning platform for universities and other cities in Canada. The smart community will consist of a minimum of 50 residential units situated in London, Ontario, and will be Net ZERO energy, built electric car ready and emphasize Smart Grid technology including the demonstration of a community microgrid. The goal of the community microgrid will be to provide reliable, sustainable and efficiently power to the local community using locally produced renewable energy. This work involves a necessary first step in assessing the feasibility of critical technologies for the community microgrid design. Three aspects are investigated: 1) the identification of key system components, 2) the development of aspects of a control platform, and 3) research of the best in class communication network. Currently, in Phase I of the plan, SE2 is conducting a broad study to determine the best in class technologies and designs at the building and community level. This project contributes to the feasibility study of microgrid control and communications system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Deepa Kundur


Abdallah K. Farraj


S2E Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Toronto



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