Feature-based 3D Robot Motion Programming

Path programming for various robot applications in the industry involves precise specification of data for coordinated control of the different moving parts, arms, limbs, joints, etc. in order to optimally perform application specific tasks. Robotmaster™ software from Jabez Technologies is used to plan and simulate robotic operations and generate robot code for industrial applications. Robotmaster recently won the Robotics Game Changer Award for enhancing the way in which robots are programmed, facilitating their adoption in new and technologically emerging applications. Presently, Robotmaster does not have 3D CAD/CAM capabilities. This severely restricts the scope of its applicability. The main objective of this project is to enhance Robotmaster to enable specialized operations planning and programming for robot tasks in full 3D, such as cutting, trimming, spray painting, machining, welding, etc. A feature-based path programming strategy is being investigated and adopted. Various issues related to specialized path programming will be investigated and suitable solutions implemented to enhance Robotmaster with these capabilities, with improved performance and wider scope of applications. This could help significantly increase the customer base for Robotmaster and benefit Jabez Technologies, Quebec and Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brigitte Jaumard


Pedro Eid


Jabez Technologies


Engineering - computer / electrical




Concordia University



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