Federation of heterogeneous data sources for the linked data back-end in the Gold Fish mobile application

The overall goal is to create the backend of a mobile personal organizer that suggests professional events (conferences, colloquia, workshops, exhibitions) and contacts to establish while attending events, to members. Currently, the target audience are professionals in the biomedical domain. Given the need to feed data and meta-data from heterogeneous sources into the application, the industrial partner chose to implement the backend using semantic data management technologies. The main challenge at this stage is therefore to create the database (triplestore) that federates the chosen sources (social network profiles, event descriptions, domain terminologies, standards, etc.). Tools designed and co-designed by members of the academic team will be used and improved during this stage, in particular, methods for matching schemas and ontologies (domain models) originating in independent sources as well as for recognizing the alternative representations of the same entity (e.g. event) in independently created datasets. Thus, the academic team brings its joint expertise in the semantic technologies and its tools to the project that thoroughly benefits the industrial partner.

Faculty Supervisor:

Petko Valtchev


Victor Eduardo Fuentes & Tomas Martin


Fruitful Source


Computer science


Digital media


Université du Québec à Montréal



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