Fiber-optic based point of care genetic testing device

Point-of-Care DNA tests have grown in importance throughout recent years. Incorporation of devices in patient beside treatment requires fast turn-around times for results as well as economic feasibility. Spartan Bioscience, a local biotechnology company, has developed a technology that can detect abnormalities in a person’s DNA. In an effort to develop next generation technology, Spartan Bioscience has collaborated with several faculties at Carleton to develop a platform that will have improved performance. The device is making use of Spartan’s core technology and optical fiber techniques pioneered at Carleton University. The joint teams will be making a proof-of-concept device that will hopefully, lead to a full-on product development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Jacques Albert & William Willmore


Hubert Jean-Ruel & Jason Koppert


Spartan Bioscience


Engineering - biomedical


Life sciences


Carleton University



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