Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors: Phosphor Deposition and Processing Improvements

Photon Control Inc. is a Burnaby, British Columbia company that designs and manufactures a wide range of optical sensors & instruments to measure temperature, pressure, position, and flow in the semiconductor, oil and gas, power, life science, and manufacturing industries. The operating principle of many of their products is based on the optical response of phosphor materials and are well suited to applications in harsh environments. Photon Control is currently seeking to improve the lifetime of their optical sensors by improving the quality and methods of deposition of their phosphor materials. Our research group has the infrastructure and expertise required to deposit and to protect these materials in robust thin film form on substrates of various size and shape, in order to address these material deposition challenges. This project will complement our current research efforts and allow Photon Control to achieve performance improvements in their optical sensor systems, providing extended lifetime in their current applications, as well as extending their range of applications to include high temperature environments, where there is a demonstrated need.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gary Leach


Xin Zhang


Photon Control




Life sciences


Simon Fraser University



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