Filling the learning gaps caused by the pandemic: Supporting teachers and their diverse students with digital technology

The closure of schools across Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed significant gaps in educational provision. In addition, K-12 teachers have had difficulty finding learning resources related to the programs they are responsible for teaching. When students fall behind in school, they develop a learning gap with their peers. Learning gaps are relatively common and invariably require, at some point, a strategy to help the student catch up. In this project, we will examine the feasibility and effectiveness of implementing an innovative online tool that addresses the common challenge of the learning gap in education. We will explore how this innovative online platform can support the accelerated catch-up phase of students with a learning gap and strengthen the digital skills of teachers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman;Joyce Mgombelo


Jhonel Morvan;Dania Wattar;Hyun Ha Rosalia Cha


Binogi Studios Inc








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