Financial and Economic Analysis for the Integration of Wind Generation into Electricity Grids

This research effort will measure the impacts that the introduction of wind farms have had on the amount of electricity generated by natural gas fired thermal plants, hydro generation, nuclear generation or the quantities of electricity exported. For this analysis the historical operating information from the Province of Ontario’s electricity system will be used. An ex-post evaluation will be carried out for one or more wind farms operating in Ontario to identify the important parameters that determine the economic feasibility of such investments. A model will be developed for the appraisal of pumped storage facilities to identify the conditions when this technology is both an efficient method for energy storage and a cost effective way of stabilizing the electricity system for the impacts of variability of generation by non-dispatchable renewable technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Milne


Pejman Bahramian


Cambridge Resources International Canada, Inc.




Alternative energy


Queen's University



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