Flaxseed fractionation for product development and process scale-up.

Flaxseed possesses many useful and valuable components, some in high concentration (oil, protein and fibre) and some as minor components (lignan, orbitides), as well as anti-nutrients such as cyanogenic glycosides and cadmium, which all need to be monitored during development and final production. Integrating or substituting these flaxseed components into various established foods, or generating new products, expands the marketability of the final products and expands the market potential of flaxseed as a high value Canadian crop: egg substitute, plant protein, gluten-free products, high fibre health products, gum substitution for clean label products, to name but a few potentialities. With each component, the value of the flaxseed crop increases, as does the quality of the individual products and the quality of the product testing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert Tyler


Leila Debahadi


Prairie Tide Chemicals




Fisheries and wildlife




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