Flexible In-Home Caching for Video Streaming Services

NightShift optimizes customers’ bandwidth usage when using streaming services. It does this by taking advantage of off-peak bandwidth availability to cache digital media content
addressing both problems of limited bandwidth (which impacts real-time streaming) and bandwidth quotas (which can result in bandwidth throttling or overage charges). The goal of
this research is to explore interfaces that allow end-user control of local storage and download while still preserving digital rights security and the platform (e.g. Netflix) experience
of viewing content. In particular, we will explore:
? Intuitive web interfaces to manage local content.
? Intuitive web interfaces to communicate bandwidth consumption trade-offs to end users.
? Multi-device set-ups to support simultaneous viewing and content management both in terms of download and in terms of local content storage.

Faculty Supervisor:

Edward Lank


Shaishav Siddhpuria


Aterlo Networks Inc


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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