Flow in business: Facilitating Flow in Virtual Reality trials and exploring the outcomes for product evaluations

Flow, the psychological state of being totally absorbed into an activity, has been suggested to be an important topic for future research as it represents ‘optimal experience.’ This research seeks to understand 1-how to facilitate flow while engaging with virtual reality products and 2-the outcomes of experiencing flow in regards to attitudes towards virtual reality products and purchase intentions. While learning best-practices in facilitating flow while using virtual reality, we can also conduct marketing research specifically for Zenfri Inc.’s game The Last Taxi. This research will benefit Zenfri Inc. in regards to their go-to-market strategy to ensure their success in the marketplace. By meeting objectives 1 and 2 this research serves to facilitate the development of the virtual reality market by understanding how to bring virtual reality to a mass audience.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kelley Main


Raymond Lavoie


Zenfri Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Manitoba



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