Food Convergent Innovation Canada Start-Up:Developing data and methods to support the digital backbone of the agri-food system in the Covid19 context

Food Convergence and Integrity (FCI) Canada is being formed to help agri-food companies mitigate the disruptions of Covid-19, increase interactions and innovations among Canadian agrifood companies and enable new agrifood business streams. Through its member platform, it will enhance resilience and competitiveness of the Canadian agri-food sector, resulting also in increased food security for Canadians.
This Mitacs supported research project supports the formation of FCI Canada, bringing together researchers from a multitude of disciplines and institutions, to develop a comprehensive map of the agri-food sector and insights that serve to guide companies and consumers through the COVID19 disruption, recovery, and reimagination of a resilient and vibrant agri-food sector serving Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Faculty Supervisor:

R. Sandra Schillo;Laurette Dube;Jian-Yun Nie;Anna-Liisa Aunio;Francine Rodier;Hugues Plourde


Caiyi Zhao;Ye Zoey Zhu;Hassan Ebrahimi;Yang Yang;Keerthana Nallamari Devanand;Taowa Munere-Tardif;Jiaqing Murphy;Camille Bielza;Julia Ortiz;Erica Kao;Marilyne Chicoine




Computer science






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